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Hello everybody!

Hello everybody !

I’m new to all this blogging stuff but I hope that with time I will get better. I decided to start a blog about health and beauty because in my opinion being healthy is very important! I know that there are hundreds maybe even thousands of health & beauty blogs and this is the main reason why I started blogging. I never found one blog that provides real information about how to stay healthy and how to be beautiful inside and out. They all write about dieting but many of this so-called “healthy diets” do your body more harm than good. You should live life to its fullest and also you should not abstain from eating delicious food! I am a gourmand myself so I cannot follow strict diets, and good for me!

I want to teach you how to enjoy all the goodies in life without harming your body and most important how your body can become your best friend. You have to know your body very well for this to happen, right?I will teach you tricks and give Continue reading


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